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In 2011, Andy Cochran threw all caution to the wind.  He left the corporate grind and jumped into rain barrels.  As an Indianapolis native, he is passionate about his Midwest home.  He believes that a city can only become better if you make a significant contribution and he decided rain barrels would be one of his.  By starting Circle City Rain Barrels, Andy has been able to further the conversation on water conservation in his beloved city. At Circle City Rain Barrels our goal is to limit the amount of water usage in Indianapolis by educating residents about the value of rain barrels.  Rain barrels are water catchment systems that harvest rain for future use.  The water collected in rain barrels provides an ample supply of free "soft water" containing no chlorine, lime or calcium making it ideal for gardens, flowers or potted plants.  We have plastic food safe drums that can be painted a myriad of colors or oak barrels for a different aesthetic.  We offer a variety of ways to catch your water.  We deliver and install completed rain barrels, provide "Do It Yourself" kits, or host workshops for groups.  We know that all things that grow need water and our mission is to help you save water for a dry day!

Pricing Options


55 gallon food grade drum


Barrel, hardware, and DIY instructions


Complete barrel ready for installation


Customizable Color Options Available

Bourbon Oak

Repurposed Bourbon Barrel (Comes with free wooden base)

CCRB services Central Indiana. We provide free delivery and installation within the I-465 loop.

All orders outside of the loop are subject to delivery fee upon installation.

Retail Locations

Find a Circle City Rain Barrel at one of these 4 local retailers.

  1. Good Earth Natural Food Co - 6350 Guilford Ave, 46220 - (317) 253-3709
  2. Pogue's Run Grocer - 2828 East 10th Street, 4620 - (317) 426-4963

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Frequently Asked Questions

  • Does Circle City Rain Barrels deliver?

    Yes. We can delivery anywhere in the state of Indiana. Anywhere inside the I-465 loop, delivery is at no additional cost to you. However, other regions throughout the state will require an additional fee for delivery.

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